Unique testbeds for the electrified society

Northern Sweden has the right conditions for creating the sustainable and electrified society and has taken the lead in the green transition. 

The Arctic Center of Energy offers a unique meeting place, test beds and labenvironments for the world’s leading actors in electrification. The Arctic Center of Energy, based in Skellefteå in northern Sweden, offers a unique arena to develop and test new solutions for the electrified society end-to-end.

Pioneering electrified avaiation

A unique meeting place and testbed under construction


In 2023, the construction of a new and energy-smart building on Campus Skellefteå begins. This is where the Arctic Center of Energy will have its base. The building will offer a unique meeting place, test bed and lab environment for the world's leading actors in electrification.It will be a sustainable wooden building and one of the first in Sweden to be certified according to Zero CO2 and Miljöbyggnad level Gold, the most ambitious level of certification according to the Swedish Green Building Council.



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