Groundbreaking education enabling the electrification of society

The Arctic Center of Energy collaborates with actors in practical, academic and professional education to secure an attractive portfolio of educations that meet the industry’s need for skills.

The transition to a sustainable society is not moving fast enough and urgency is key. The Arctic Center of Energy accelerates the pace of electrification by challenging standards and rethinking education – at all levels.

The Arctic Center of Energy secure crucial competence at all levels

We work disruptively and together with actors in academia, business and the public sector to create new and efficient education programs and methods that deliver the knowledge, abilities and skills needed to reach the electrified society.

Initiate and strengthen education

We initiate new training initiatives and strengthen existing education in electrification to meet the need for skills at all levels.

Promote new educational methods

We evaluate new methods and tools to create ground-breaking training that accelerates the development of critical competence.

Secure strategic collaborations

We collaborate with educational actors in practical, academic and professional education to create attractive learning journeys.


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