Cutting-edge research accelerating the electrification of society

The Arctic Center of Energy generates knowledge and new solutions that can be applied both in society and in education to enable and accelerate the journey towards an electrified society.

A sustainable society is fossil-free and electrified. Getting there requires both new knowledge and new collaborations. Arctic Center of Energy is a meeting place for the world’s leading stakeholders in electrification. Together, we empower the transition of society.

Initiate projects

We identify needs and initiate research projects in areas where knowledge and new solutions are needed to accelerate the electrification of society.

Attract research and expertise

We attract research and expertise to northern Sweden to accelerate and strengthen the region's supply of skills, leadership and future development.

Spread knowledge

We work proactively to spread knowledge and results from research so that it benefits industry and society.

The Arctic Center of Energy
amplifies essential research

The Arctic Center of Energy has three strategic agendas that guide our choice of research projects. These are:


Ongoing Projects

Mobility: that includes the electrification of all types of transport of goods and people.

Smart buildings: that include the buildings themselves as well as their connection to the energy system.

Sustainable industries: that include the electrification of industrial processes and the industry’s journey towards becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy.