Being an ACE-project is proof of quality and provides a number of benefits

We offer project support both in the start-up and implementation phase, as well as support in the dissemination of knowledge and further development of projects to ensure that the results make an impact in society.

The Arctic Center of Energy seeks collaborations with researchers and experts who can contribute to accelerating the electrification of society.

The advantages of being an ACE partner

Initiation phase:

• Support in definition of scope, activities and objectives
• Access to potential project partners via the ACE network
• Support for co-financing

Execution phase:

• Publicity and marketing via ACE channels (website, LinkedIn, seminars)
• Access to testbeds and lab environments
• Access to relevant data sets
• Access to ACE Education

Impact phase:

• Possibility to integrate and spread knowledge from the project in ACE Education
• Support in verification and pilot customers/Proof-of-concept
• Commercialization support
• Further development and extension projects


You are welcome to contact us for more information

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