Image: LINK Arkitektur

The development of the new building, where the Arctic Center of Energy will have its base, is currently in an intensive phase. During the fall, the evaluation of all technical solutions that will contribute to a sustainable and innovative house, will begin. The goal is to start construction early next year.

- The building has a strong focus on recycling and our goal is to test the limits of sustainable construction. The house is built in wood, and we will reuse materials from, among other things, parts of the hospital and the bus garage in Skellefteå that will be demolished, says Sanna Orellano, Head of Site and Business Development på Arctic Center of Energy.

The goal is to create a meeting place for actors who enable and accelerate the electrification of society. The building, with its seven floors, will offer office spaces, lab environments, flexible learning environments, event spaces and a restaurant. The house itself will also function as a test environment where researchers, educational institutions, companies, and public actors have access to advanced technology spaces and the energy systems of the future.

- It will become a smart and connected building with development and testing taking place around the clock. Our environments combine physical and digital aspects, which enable testing, simulation, and implementation of cutting-edge technology in electrification, continues Sanna.

The energy solutions have still not been decided, but there is a clear vision and idea about which solutions must be in place to reach the high ambitions regarding low energy usage. The aim is to bring down the climate impact of the building to a minimum. In order to succeed, reuse is key, and it is therefore important that there is room to be flexible during the construction process and make use of materials that are available.

- We have a good idea of what the building looks like when it is finished, but we still need to be somewhat flexible to enable re-use of materials from nearby demolition projects. For example, we are currently investigating how to make use of the windows from the old hospital, says Sanna.

The Arctic Center of Energy is also one of the strategic investments made to attract more students and strengthen Skellefteå's position as an international leader in education and research for the electrification of society and industry.

- If you want to contribute to the green transition, or educate yourself in electrification, this is the place to be. This is where it happens, Sanna concludes.